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I have been very fortunate in my life, to be able to combine all of my careers with things that I not only love, but also ‘interest’ me. After leaving school I studied electronics and communications – which seems to be a common background for many photographers that I have met.  

My introduction to photography started when I was very young.  

My late father was a projectionist at Dreamland Cinema during the 1950s’ and before that he took many photos during his service in World War 2.  We always had a darkroom at our home and I learnt from an early age how to develop and print. I also took an active part at school in photography.  At that time it was not a subject with an exam, just an ‘after school’ club to encourage further development (sorry for the pun).

In my early twenties I was able to expand my darkroom skills to printing in colour, a very time consuming and labour intensive process, but deeply rewarding.

In the 1990s’ I tended to combine my love of the countryside and wildlife with photography, but at that time I also began to have requests from friends to cover small events such as awards ceremonies for local clubs, and aspiring models that wanted images for their first portfolio.  

With the advancement in technology I finally went digital around 15 years ago, went back to college and studied both business and digital photography. I also attended workshops held by  established photographers in wedding and portraiture,

What else?  Well I have performed voluntary duties for the South East Archive of seaside photography, a lottery funded project to ensure images from the past are made available to future generations. Currently I am a school governor for King Ethelberts School in Birchington, which gives me immense satisfaction at seeing how future generations advance in their ability and maturity.

And now, well, I am a fully insured, tax declared sole trader with a full disclosure DBS check (you probably know it as a CRB check), who has met and photographed some wonderful clients and worked with local businesses to create commercial images for prospectuses and reports.

So what’s to tell?